Elizabeth Lucas

Brief Biography:

I spent my first 17 years in northeast New Jersey and graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich. three years ago. Afterwards I went on to manage an independent coffee shop. This fall I began my masters in journalism at MU. I write on the public life/elections beat for the Missourian, and plan to follow the public policy journalism model. I drink too much coffee, and read whenever I can.

Hometown: Midland Park, NJ

E-mail: elizabethk.lucas@yahoo.com

My Career Goals: I don’t know exactly where I’ll go after I finish my master’s, or exactly where I want to go.  But my biggest practical goal for the next two years is to develop reporter’s instinct, something that I think Scott Swafford possesses in great quantity.  So I’m in the right place. 

Why Journalism Interests Me: I’ve always been quite interested in politics.  I started paying attention to national politics in my late teens, although I was fueled more by the conflicts than the resolutions at the time.  Now I feel more critical and less angry, more balanced and less single-minded, and I feel more patriotism for the system than for a party.  I believe it is that appreciation for the system that makes me want to protect it, makes me want to be a “watchdog,” and so I find myself here – at the training ground.  

Other Interests: Despite the tunnel-vision I acquire while focusing on my studies, I find time to read some Richard Russo, Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Lamott and William Stringfellow; I knit (I just finished my first sweater), watch the “West Wing” because I own the entire series, and go to the farmers market.  I also enjoy coffee, immensely.  I used to manage an independent coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Mich., and most days I miss it in some way or another. 

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