Hayley Tsukayama

About an hour after I chopped off ten inches of my hair (for charity). I’m normally less bewildered.

Brief Biography: Hayley Tsukayama is a public life reporter and journalism graduate student hailing from Bloomington, Minn. She graduated from Vassar College in May, where she double-majored in History and Japanese with a minor in English. She was news editor at Vassar’s The Miscellany News and editor-in-chief of AQ, an Asian/Asian-American literary magazine. She is happy to be “back West,” closer to her family, her friends and her beloved Minnesota Twins.

Hometown: Bloomington, Minn.

E-mail: hmtg24@mizzou.edu

My Career Goals: Someday I’d like to cover politics in a major metropolitan area. 

Why Journalism Interests Me: I love writing and I love learning. One of the greatest parts of being a journalist is that it allows me to put on different hats and look in the lives of all kinds of people. As a student of history, I relish the thought that I get to write its first draft. I also think journalism is one of the finest ways available to effect real change. Sunlight, as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, is the best disinfectant.

Other Interests: An alto, I’ve been in choirs from the age of 7. (This is the first year of my life since the first grade that I haven’t been singing in an organization.) I’ve also been playing piano since kindergarten. I read voraciously, and love non-fiction and fiction alike. As mentioned above, I’m also a dedicated fan of the Minnesota Twins, through thick and thin.  Mostly thin.

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