Holly Jackson

Brief Biography: I’m a senior newspaper major at Mizzou, with a minor in Anthropology and a Multicultural Studies Certificate. I come from a suburb outside of St. Louis, so Missouri is my home. My mom is a public school teacher, and I have two much-smarter older brothers and two cats. Last spring I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and I spent this summer in San Francisco writing for a technology news website. This semester I am trying to work on in-depth stories and create a newsletter for the Old Southwest neighborhood.

Hometown: St. Charles, Missouri

E-mail: hollyejackson@gmail.com

My Career Goals: I want to work for a wire service or newspaper as an online reporter. I’ve always been really interested in public safety reporting, but I feel like metro and community-focused journalism is the most important news to produce.

Why Journalism Interests Me: Journalism felt right to me as soon as I started writing for my high school paper. I worked my way up to editor and consistently delegated, edited, designed, and wrote stories. When I write a story, I feel elated. If I can get that feeling from work everyday, I’ll be one happy person. I love to read and write, and using those abilities to teach others about a topic is something useful and fulfilling. 

Other Interests: I’m ultimately a media consumer whether it be television, internet, or books. When I have free time I’m with my friends for a final year of school, or back home to see my mom.

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