Melissa Bounoua

Brief Biography: I am a Exchange Grad Student in Journalism at the University of Missouri. I am from Paris, France, where I also study journalism. I will graduate next June. I have a BA in Geography and I started to do internships in journalism when I was 16. I spent a lot of my summers in London, a city I really like, but it is my first time in the US. This summer I was in Washington DC and did an internship at The Washington Times.

Hometown: Paris, FRANCE

My Career Goals: As the media world has to face major difficulties, I am aware it is no longer possible to go for only one type of journalism (print, broadcast, photojournalism), so I am willing to get skills in print, as well as broadcast and photo in order to work online as multimedia journalist.

Why Journalism Interests Me: I am a curious person in almost every situation. When I was in  High school I graduated in Science, but I was frustrated so I decided to go for History and Geography at the University. But still, I wanted to know more about everything and I have had good experience during internships I did in newspapers so I journalist seem to a job made for me.

Other Interests: I am really interested in news (I know I am a journalist!). And I also really enjoy traveling, meeting people. I love sports but I could practice a little bit more. Oh and of course Blogging for Rendez-voUS.08, our blog about the presidential elections.

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