Greg Mitchell

Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill. It isn’t Chicago, but we have an L stop and we border the city so I’d like to think it is more “city” than someplace like Naperville or Schaumburg.

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My Career Goals: I would love to become a lawyer and work for the ACLU or some other organization that helps people through legal means. I used to think that the only future I could have in journalism was to cover baseball, but my eyes have been opened to reporting on more serious matters since working at the Missourian.

Why Journalism Interests Me: Newspaper headlines captivated me from a young age. When something historic happens, headlines are the snapshot. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to find a great interest in being a voice in the community, finding ways to make a complex issue readable and research. My Dad has always told me that he respects journalists because they have the ability to understand large amounts of information in a small amount of time, and I hope one day that can be me.

Other Interests: I love sports, and have been finding great stresses and joys in watching the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls from a young age. Coming to Mizzou allowed to me to latch on to the Tiger football and basketball teams, and I don’t plan on losing that when I graduate. I also enjoy the outdoors, and have been to a pretty fair amount of National Parks.

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