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Kourtney Geers












Brief Biography: I am a junior at MU majoring in newspaper journalism and minoring in English and political science. I began my journalism career in high school while working on my school’s yearbook.  

Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas

E-mail: kagn78@mizzou.edu

My Career Goals: Once, I was asked what I wanted to do with my life. When I considered this oh-so-dreaded question, I had a moment of clarity. At that point, I realized that I am flexible about my future. I want to get an education and see where that takes me. In this industry, if you lack flexibility, you are bound to miss out on opportunities. I am at MU to learn how to report and edit. While I’m going to school here, I’ll study abroad in London. There I hope to expand my reporting experience in another country. I can’t tell you where I’ll be in ten or 20 years, but that’s because I’d rather not know right now.

Why Journalism Interests Me: I remember staying up late one night when I was little and watching the news with my parents. After seeing a story, I distinctly remember asking my mom, “What’s murder?” Kids ask questions. So should journalists. Journalism allows me to be 5 years old every day. I get to ask questions and learn constantly. What’s better than that? Journalists also get to teach and inform. Being a teacher’s daughter myself, I know there is nothing more gratifying than this. We all know journalists and teachers aren’t in it for the money!  

Other Interests: I’m a huge fan of the Discovery Channel and the History Channel and have spent a considerable amount of time planning my strategy for the day I get to take a ride inside the Cash Cab (a game show that takes place in a New York City taxi). I would love to be an archeologist in another life. Being from Kansas, I learned to live for basketball. Don’t worry though, I don’t cheer for the wrong team. 

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