Catherine Meagher

Brief Biography:  I am 20 years old and just finished my second year of college at MU. I am pursuing two degrees- one in journalism and one in Spanish.

Hometown: Detroit (area), MI


My Career Goals: Ideally, I’d like to use both degrees after I graduate. I would be interested in working for a news organization in South America or Spain, or for an American company as an overseas correspondent. I don’t necessarily need the typical CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc. job; I would like to work for a more independent, laid-back-yet-focused news organization with people, poverty, the third world and the human condition at its best interest. Also, I think it would be a blast to work for the Onion (a very reputable news organization based in Chicago).

Why Journalism Interests Me: I’m intrigued by people. I think that in order for the world to improve, people need to know what happens, and ideally, journalism educates. I think that too many people are either ignorant or apathetic about the third world, and I hope to change this through my journalistic endeavors.

Other Interests: Hanging out with friends, making and learning about coffee at Lakota Coffee Company (24 S. Ninth St; come visit), not taking health for granted and striving everyday to live good and stuff.


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