Jacob Barker

Brief Biography: I’ve lived in Missouri all my life and have always enjoyed writing, reading and learning. Being raised by two social workers, I’ve always been interested in some sort of public service, and journalism seemed to fit the bill with my other interests. I’ve been writing for newspapers since I was 16, and hope to continue. I’m majoring in newspaper journalism at MU, and I’m also trying to minor in political science and history… but we’ll see how that goes.

Hometown: St. Louis

E-mail: jtb6p2@mizzou.edu

My Career Goals: Hopefully after I graduate I can write for a paper for a while, but I eventually hope to go to Grad School, for what I’m not so clear yet. Ultimately, as long as I’m writing, I’ll be fine with whatever I’m doing.

Why Journalism Interests Me: To me, the greatest power a community can have is information, and newspapers fill that void and allow people in a democracy to intelligently govern themselves. So I’ve gotten into this business to let people know what they need to know to affect change in their community and stay involved in the civic process. 

Other Interests: Novels (when I have time), the editorial page in most newspapers, writing and discussing politics.

My Portfolio

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