Archived comments show more of Sharrock’s views, motivation

Second Ward City Council candidate Allan Sharrock posted on 22 times between Dec. 20, 2007 and Dec. 3, 2008. Sharrock said the comments should not be taken at face value, as he was often playing “devil’s advocate” and trying to spark conversation. Tounge-in-cheek as they may be, the posts are tied together by a common theme appropriate for someone who is now running for public office. That theme is nicely book-ended by his very first and very last comments on the site, posted almost a year apart.

His first post, under Action group urges Columbia to repeal smoking ban.

I think it is time to elect some new officials. I am a non-smoker but I believe in personal property rights. It is a luxury to go out and eat or drink. Therefore you have the power of choice not to go to a place the allows smoking. It is also your choice on where you work. Maybe we should send our officials a bill for the lost taxes.

Sharrock’s final post, under St. Louis alderman calls on residents to get armed.

Naive? Did you even read all my posts? If their elected officails fail them then elect new ones. I agree with the second amendment and the right to conceal and carry.

When his ward’s City Council seat opened up this term, it would appear that Sharrock saw an opportunity to become one of those “new officials.” The man who wrote again and again about the importance of using the democratic process seems to have decided he wants to more than just vote for new representation.


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