Columbia Visioning

Notice: If you are looking for the Draft Implementation Report that was submitted to City Council on March 31, 2009, it is posted below and on the City’s website. Please scroll down for the Section by Section breakdown.
As the city of Columbia — its government and its citizens — move forward with the implementation of the goals and strategies identified in Imagine Columbia’s Future, the Columbia Missourian and The Watchword want to help. That’s why The Watchword was pleased to offer a collaborative arrangement in which it has been serving as an online gathering place where residents, city leaders and elected officials could discuss the community’s progress, exchange ideas about visioning and share the lessons we learn along the way.The Watchword will be working closely with The Communications Center, Inc., the consulting firm that has been hired by the city to help with vision implementation. Sarah Read, president on The Communications Center, and Dave Overfelt, associate, were both volunteer facilitators and served on the visioning committee during the visioning process.
The following will bring you up to date on the visioning process:

First, you can read the Draft Visioning Implementation Report that was provided for by the Supplement to Chapter 5 of the Final Vision and Action Plan and the Columbia Vision Commission Ordinance (Council Bill B-299-08, Section 2-533).  This Draft Implementation Report contains recommendations for actions to be taken during fiscal years 2010 and 2011, as well as an inventory of existing efforts, an inventory of new resources required to accomplish identified goals, recommended grouping of goals, identification of organizations and entities that could be involved in implementation, and guidelines for convening public dialogues.  A summary of outreach conducted and public comments received during the development of this draft report has been added to this list.

If you are not sure how to get started reading the report or want to know what comes next, take a look at this brief guide on Reading the Implementation Report.

Readers are invited to continue the visioning conversation on the new community portal at:

You can go to the City of Columbia’s website to view or download the full report. The file is large, a fast connection is recommended.

The links here are organized to follow the structure of the report.

Draft Visioning Implementation Report


1.  Overview and Vision Statements

2. Recommended Grouping of Goals and Strategies

3. Next Steps for Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011

4. Guidelines for Convening and Collaboration


A. Inventory of Existing Efforts

B. Inventory of New Resources Needed

C. Organizations for Collaboration and Coordination

  • Goal Groups with Organizations
  • Thematic Grouping of Strategies and Organizations

D. Summary on Public Outreach and Comment

E. Technical Documents on Goal Groupings and Strategies

  • Goal Group 1 – by Topic Group
  • Goal Group 2 – by Goal Group and including Leads for Actions Steps Recommended in Section 3

Note: In this report, the inventories are compiled from the contributions of many different entities.  The inclusion of activities sponsored by organizations other than the city does not represent an endorsement of any group or organization and is provided for information purposes only.

If you want to know more about how this report was put together, take a look at this guide to Writing the Implementation Report.

Second, you can review the 2007 Vision Report produced by ACP Visioning and Planning after months of deliberation by the 13 citizen topic groups that formed during the visioning effort. If you do not want to read the entire report, the vision statements from the 13 topic groups can be read by clicking here.

Third, you can view an overall timeline of visioning events from the beginning through 2009 and and a second time line the outlines the discussions that are to be convened in the future.Finally, you can read the following three reports which we believe outline some of the best principles and practices for making our governance truly inclusive. They informed the development of the draft implementation report and they can inform future dialogue.  You’ll find links below to a paper from the National League of Cities, “Changing the Way We Govern: Building Democratic Governance in Your Community;” and to two papers from the Case Foundation, “Citizens at the Center” and “Social Citizens.” All three discuss and promote the premise that the way citizens engage in municipal governance is changing.

The discussion started with this site and this information will remain here for some time.  While this site has served the visioning process well, we wanted to expand the possibilities and have shifted to a new community portal that will offer much more in the way of discussion.  You can find the new portal at

Changing the Way We Govern

Citizens at the Center

Social Citizens


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